Terms and conditions for website
Welcome to MONTAJAT!

Our website is a Dubai-based company under ("MONTAJAT PORTAL LLC"), MONTAJAT.ae is an e-commerce platform allowing users to buy high-quality products from local vendors.

In “TERMS & CONDITIONS”, we will list the general terms of using and accessing our website, MONTAJAT 's mobile services, e-mail and other sites or services on which these terms have been published or referred to the “TERMS & CONDITIONS” of MONTAJAT.

By using and accessing MONTAJAT, you give your consent to the terms of use mentioned below. You and MONTAJAT legally assure the following:

  • Your access and use of our website undergo the terms of use, which include the privacy policy and other policies and conditions, in addition to any changes MONTAJAT adds.
  • Our website provides general information for all products in addition to providing specific information on each during the purchase, and “TERMS & CONDITIONS” will be applied on it.
  • If any of the products or services include "separate terms" related to the service and differ from “TERMS & CONDITIONS” or privacy policy, then the "separate terms" ,which can be changed at any time by MONTAJAT, apply when using this service, and in the case of any direct difference between “separate terms” and “TERMS & CONDITIONS”, so “separate terms” will be applied.
  • Publishing products on MONTAJAT means that users everywhere can access them, and adding products to our website undergoes some legal terms which the vendor should understand by reading this document.

Both vendor and user must read this document and understand all the terms mentioned below, and by starting using of our website by vendor or user, it means their acceptance to these terms and any changes in them after use.

Terms changes policy

MONTAJAT has the right -without prior notice at any time- to change, add or remove any of these terms.

Such changes will be enabled immediately at the time of updating “TERMS & CONDITIONS”. The user can know the changes by any way, including without limitation updating or adding terms and conditions on “TERMS & CONDITIONS” on MONTAGAT.com.

So the vendor and user must review this page constantly to be updated with any change

which can impact on your rights or your commitments on our website.

(No changes to these Terms will be applied by any party except MONTAJAT. Any other changes won’t be valid against MONTAJAT unless it will be agreed by our company in a writing consent by Authorized official officer from MONTAJAT)


Terms in this page is valid until being terminated by MONTAJAT. We have the right -without prior notice at any time- to limit, terminate all or part of our services or features or any products or services included in it, or terminate anyone’s right to access to our website or part of our services or any features on it.

MONTAJAT has the right to limit, suspend or terminate any user's account without explanation or notice.

Vendors and users are forbidden from sharing accounts or use another user's account without permission. The breaking of this rule will result in investigation by MONTAGAT and may lead to terminated of user’s account.

In the case of account termination, you will be blocked from accessing to our site services, also the limitations imposed on you which related to the content, compensation, and the limits of the liability which mentioned in this document will be applied.

We will issue a final statement for all payments which owned to the vendor before the account is closed.


You agree to accept with all terms, regulations and decrease regarding your use of our website services and our listing of products or services through those laws.

Usage fee

Buyer: Will have free access to buyer account without any fees on using the website, and that can be canceled at any time without notice by MONTAJAT.

Vendor: Will have free access to vendor account through MONTAJAT’s vendor platform to follow-up requests and payment processes.


As a vendor you can join MONTAJAT and open your store on our website which requires your contact, confirmed personal and bank information. We collect a 25% commission of the total sales for selling your products on our website for providing the vendors the following services:

  • Professional photo shooting for your products.
  • Delivering orders to customers from your headquarters.
  • Displaying your product in organized way and marketing them in Arabic and English.
  • Marketing your products on social media.
  • Full customer services.
  • Offering a sales report two times a month.
  • Providing advertising space for displaying your products on our site.
  • Providing constructive support for brands combined with monthly analyses of seller product performance.
  • Offering various payment methods for users for more sales (cash - credit cards - installment).
  • Paying sales revenue twice a month on cost of what delivered to customers already.
The inclusion of products

MONTAJAT is a market for local vendors so it has an inclusion condition for any products and our site has the right to remove products which are considered inappropriate or illegal, and the right to cancel the account of the seller.

The inclusion criteria are as following:

  • The seller ensures to provide accurate product description.
  • The dealing between seller and customers is considered legally contract. MONTAJAT won’t take any responsibility and won’t mediate in the transaction or resolve a dispute between two parts due to wrong description or quality.
  • MONTAJAT will not provide a support or take any legal responsibility for any product not sold through the site or not have a purchase number from the site.
  • The seller ensures to report MONTAJAT for any changes which occur to the included products, whether in price, description or quality.
  • The seller must ensure the condition of the products during selling it, and ensure not change the items required and the product is identical to the description.
  • As a seller by using MONTAJAT, you accept that our website not responsible for the taxes applicable to your business and you will also ensure to pay our taxes to concerned authority.

MONTAJAT provides an open community and nurtures freedom of expression for any users on our site with in the restrictions mentioned in these page and decisions made by our website employees.

Foods & drinks products

The following special terms and condition apply to the sale of product (foods & drinks) on MONTAJAT:

  • The seller must have his own trade license and the associated municipality permits to sell food products on MONTAJAT.
  • The seller is responsible for preparing the food products in a clean and hygienic circumstances and according to any applicable laws.
  • Food products must be clearly described through a list of ingredients, production and expiration dates, and any special directions or storage requirements according to any applicable laws.
  • Food products must be properly packed for delivery to avoid any contamination or damage.
  • The seller who won’t committed by these rules will be forbidden from selling food and drinks on MONTAJAT.

MONTAJAT don’t guarantee any product included in the website as following

  • We do not ensure the quality, legality, safety, validity of all products included.
  • We do not ensure the healthy or accuracy of the ingredients.
  • We do not ensure the ability of customer to pay for the products, or whether he would actually complete the entire product purchase process or if he would return it.
Health and beauty products

Makeup, cosmetics and health products have a rigorous no-refund / exchange policy when opened.

Makeup, cosmetic and health products must agree with the UAE conditions of beauty and health products. The seller who produce these products must look and understand to these conditions and obtain specific permits and commercial licenses to sell these products.

MONTAJAT don’t take any responsibility for the health and beauty products sold on the website. We don’t ensure the information provided by the seller such as the use, efficacy or safety of these products.

Forbidden products
  • Hazardous chemicals.
  • Hazardous products or materials.
  • Stolen products.
  • Fireworks.
  • Adult material / pornographic material which not suitable for children under 18.
  • Alcohol.
  • Drugs.
  • Tobacco.
  • Protected monuments.
  • Estates.
  • Ivory or animal products of an endangered species which collected illegally.
  • Products that violate our "terms of service" or "terms of use".
  • Any services or product that violate the local, federal, national or international law in relation to the production, distribution, advertisement or transmission of the mentioned material.
  • Products isn’t under your control or that you do not intend to deliver it.
  • Services or products has wrong description.
  • Personal data or personal information.
  • Imitation services or coping brand.
  • Pirated data.
  • Illegal or smuggled products.
  • Services or products which protected by copyright, trademarks, or patented by another party.
  • Materials or products which cause harm, harassment, fear or defamation.
  • Prostitution or other similar services.
  • Services or products that carry or transmit a hidden symbol or signals with the intent to cause harm or to track personal information or transactions of any kind.
  • Any product or service that MONTAJAT determines are inappropriate, harmful, fake or illegal.
Mismatch errors

The seller takes all responsibility for description, quality, accuracy and validity of any product are completely identical to the information he provides to the customer on MONTAJAT.

The seller is also responsible for notifying MONTAJAT that one of her products offered to us is not available in the case of a shortage of their quantities immediately to not cause any errors in the sales.


As a seller on MONTAJAT you agree to compensates us for refund charges and shipping fees for returning unsold products from customers who did not receive their products or who received the product late r or if the product mismatch its mentioned description.

*. Please check out to the “return policy” posted on the site for more details.

This is applied as shown below:

Mismatched product with mentioned description:

If the customer confirmed that any of the following are true:

  • Completely different from description or picture.
  • Different material or design.
  • It is sold as he is original, and it has been shown otherwise.
  • The quantity of products ordered is different from the quantity was received.
  • A wrong description of its condition, for example it was mentioned in the product description at the time of buying it that the product is "new" and it was found to be used.
  • The seller’s failure to explain the cause of his damage or loss of parts.

Late delivery:

If the customer confirmed that all the following are true:

  • If the product is ordered for a specific date or occasion.
  • The product will be useless after this date or occasion.
  • The seller does not deliver the product as per its processing time or on the date mentioned in the purchase.

MONTAJAT will add delivery fees and applicable sales tax to the final price paid by the customer. We will also add all external delivery fees (outside the country) which are calculated based on the product's volumetric weight:

the product volumetric weight is: width x length x height in centimeters / 5000 = weight in kilograms

In the case of the delivery fees (within the country), they are calculated according to the value of the purchases, and are explained in details before the purchase is done.

MONTAJAT has the right -without any prior notice- to stop or change the description and prices on the products and services overed through our website without acquiring any obligations towards you, the description of any products or services on our site does not mean any support or guarantee for this product and it is the responsibility of the seller as mentioned.

MONTAJAT has the right -without any prior notice- to limit the order quantity for any product and refuse the service to any customer.

In the case of entering incorrect price for any product or service due to wrong information from the seller or a typographical error, MONTAJAT has the right to cancel the requests for the product or service, regardless of if the purchase is confirmed or not.

Value added tax (VAT)

MONTAJAT is registered for Value added tax (VAT) and commits VAT regulations in the United Arab Emirates as follows:

MONTAJAT will add additional 5% tax for each product on completion of the purchase process. The total cost included the tax of 5% for each product and the main price. Our website assures to pay the taxes to concerned authority.

As a seller on MONTAJAT, you are not required to register for VAT in order to sell on your website.

Our website is not responsible for legal advice on the status of VAT and sellers' obligations towards it or sales made by sellers on other market platforms.

The content

The term "content" refers to text, images, logos, graphics, illustrations, descriptions and other data related to any Products and any related sites.

Our content may include some unintentional or typographical mistakes, or the content may be out-of-date. MONTAJAT may change, delete or update any content at any time without prior notice.

Some of our content aims for advertising purposes only and our site is not obligated to it in any way except as mentioned.

The hole content of MONTAJAT is protected by copyright, trademark rights, service mark rights, and other property rights, all owned by MONTAJAT or by third parties who took a license for their use of our site unless mentioned to otherwise.

You can use our content only for your personal information or shopping on our website services and not for any purposes. And you must retain our website copyrights and other proprietary rights, except as mentioned above.

MONTAJAT do not allow anyone to use, reproduce, copy, modify, transfer, display, publish, sell, license, create derivative works, or make public performance or distribution in any medium, method, or process for any of the content published or transmitted by MONTAJAT’s services that are currently known or being developed. It includes for example but not limited Transferring, downloading or copying any content to any other drive meaning that any use of the content is strictly forbidden except as previously mentioned in these terms.

If the seller found her products or its picture on our website or on the social media and used form third party, he can contact us to ensure whether this is with our website permission or not; Because we do not allow our content to be used without our permission, and if the seller makes sure after contacting us that the third party is using the content without our permission, the seller has the right to legally go after the third party and we will work to provide the required legal support from us.

Procedures for violating intellectual property rights

To inform us of copyright issues or any other violation of intellectual property rights, our product copyright director can be reached by writing to him at help@montajat.ae


Links to other websites run by third parties, including MONATJAT site sellers, do not constitute support, approval or promotion of the content, policies or practices of those linked websites.

Our website is not responsible for the content, protection, policies or practices of the linked websites, including but not limited to privacy policies. The linked websites are not managed or regulated by MONTAJAT. As for accessing them, links to other sites are provided for your convenience only. accessing to these sites is on our own risk.


MONTAJAT makes no assurances or warranties on the services of our website or any website or related content, including the availability, quality or accuracy of any of the websites, content, information or materials.

MONTAJAT also does not assure that your access or use of the website services or any linked website will be free of errors or deletions or that any errors will be corrected or that viruses or other harmful components will be free from our website services or any linked website.

Without limitation for the foregoing, all content on or through the services of MONTAJAT will be given to customers 'as is' without giving warranties of any type, including but not limited to, give warranties of popularity and validity for a particular purpose or of protection or accuracy.

The status of the content that we have referred to as "as is" is considered to be a description of any interaction arising from or as a result of MONTAJAT services. Please be aware that some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so some of the above-mentioned exclusions may not apply to you, and you can check the laws Your local disclaimer of any restrictions or inhibitions with respect to the exclusion of implied warranties.

The status of the content that we have referred to as "as is" is considered to be a description of any interaction is a result of MONTAJAT services. Please be aware that certain jurisdictions do not enable implied warranties to be excluded, so that you may not be apply to any of the above exclusions, and you may check your local disclaimer 's laws for any limitations with respect to the exclusion of implied warranties.

MONTAJAT, its seller, directors, employees, or deputy will not afford any liability under any circumstances towards you or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages, whether in a contract or in some damage, including: Negligence resulting from the access, use or failure to access or use any of our website services or any related website or its contents, including but not limited to loss of profits, business stoppage, loss of programs, or loss of other data on computer systems or otherwise.

Permission of use

By using the services of the MONTAJAT website, buyers and vendors get legally binding bills for the sale of products and services, and both parties must adhere to the regulation for selling goods or services.

Sellers must be aware of and accept the risks of using websites and electronic payment procedures when conducting sales process. Sellers must be aware of other consumers or sellers who can perform transactions with fake accounts or Conducting fraudulent transactions.

Although MONTAJAT has taken precautionary actions to ensure the identity of users who electronically register to use the services of the website, we are unable to confirm the identity of all customers using the website, and also MONTAJAT does not control the content posted by any users.

So, we recommend that all users and sellers use personal intuition and encourage them to contact MONTAJAT to report any suspicious or inappropriate activity of the website service or to contact us through help@MONTAJAT.ae if you find content provided by other users that you consider to be abusive or harmful.


You agree to defend MONTAJAT, its sellers, its affiliates, and related organizations, its employees, directors and deputy from and against all claims, losses, damages and costs -including but not limited- lawyer's fees and court costs arising from a violation of these terms or your access to or use of our website services.


With the exception of the content of “privacy policy” published before on a separate page, any contact or material you provide to our website via the services of the website, e-mail or otherwise -including but not limited- any contest or participation in draft, photos, videos , audio files, posts, question, comments , suggestions, or any feature ideas, updates, enhancements, products, content, deals, promotions, strategies, product feature names, any related documents, artwork, computer icons, graphics, or other materials ( referred to them all by "Attachments").

The attachments will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and may be used by the site products or the site's sellers or its affiliates or related organizations for any purposes -including but not limited- changes, disclosure, transmission, publishing, broadcasting, advertisement and Advertising purposes in any media without permission, approval, payment, or any other consideration, unless prohibited by law.

Thus, MONTAJAT and its sellers, the affiliated companies of the site and the organizations associated with them are completely free to use any files contained in any contacts with our website for any purposes -including but not limited- developing, manufacturing and marketing products or services using the information contained in these attachments.

For any cause, we are under no obligation to review, research, or conduct your submission, or to return or submit any part of it to you.

Mobile services

We may open up some of our website services via the mobile if you are subscribed to them, when your mobile device is allowed to place orders, receive messages and reply to them from MONTAJAT, or access other features (all these services referred to as “mobile services”).

Although MONATAJT does not charge you a fee for such services, your use of mobile services will still be subject to regular fees of texting, data and other fees.

In addition, the provider of a mobile network may be forbidden or limited from accessing or installing such mobile services, and it is likely that not all mobile services work correctly for certain telephone companies or certain specific devices, so you are responsible for checking for your mobile device and our mobile company to decide if mobile services are available for your mobile devices.

By using our mobile services, you agree to:

  • Our website may connect with you on your mobile device by SMS, MMS, or other electronic means.
  • In the event that your mobile phone number is changed or cancelled, you immediately agree to update your mobile subscription account information to ensure that the messages that our website wants to send to you are not forwarded to wrong person who receives your previous mobile phone number.
  • Some information about your use of mobile services will be sent to MONTAJAT.
  • Depending on your choices (the amount of times you order from our site) the number of alerts you will receive varies.
  • These terms represent an entire agreement between the parties (you and MONTAJAT) with respect to the subject of this agreement and supersede any existing formal or oral arrangements between the parties with respect to that subject.
  • Any waiver by MONTAJAT of any violation or negligence will not be treated as a waiver of any previous or subsequent violation or negligence, if any of these is illegal or unconstitutional for any reason that is not enforceable, then that provision is considered separable from the terms and will not affects the validity and enforceability of any other provisions of our Terms.
  • In these terms, the headings and captions are for simplicity only and do not impact the meaning of the terms in any way.
  • MONTAJAT is not responsible for any mistakes or delay in performance resulting from any act out of its control -including but not limited- third party actions or negligence, unavailability of products, any equipment failure, war, strikes, fires, floods, or any other events that take place with the will of God, or any law, regulation, decree, or other order from any court, government, or governmental agency, delays, unavailability, errors, or any other failures in the Internet or other data networks.
Legal obligation

This contract will undergo and be interpreted according to the laws of the Emirate of Dubai, regardless of conflict of law provisions. In addition, any claims against MONTAJAT will be subjected and interpreted according to the laws of Dubai, and the judicial procedures in the state. And federal courts located in Dubai will apply to any action related to this contract or any use of our products or services or purchases through any of them.